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Building trust in cyber

Digital transformation is going rapidly and the cyber threat landscape is changing continuously. We manage cyber risks to build digital trust and maximize the benefits of your digital business.

Danny Onwezen

Danny Onwezen

CEO of Scyber

“I strongly believe that we should look at cyber security as a craft and culture by investing in people helping them to learn and use the right skills.”

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, so an adaptive response to cyber security is the most effective way to ensure your organization is best protected from cyber attacks. In today’s digital world, to be secure in cyber, it takes people with the right skills.


Focus on sustainable cyber security culture

Traditional security awareness training doesn’t work, this does not lead to behavioral change. Being aware of cyber threats is not the same as being able to recognize, for example, phishing emails, and know what to do when you receive one.


We focus on creating a sustainable cyber security culture for the right behavior across the entire organization. It is important to reinforce positive behavior by helping people to learn to identify a cyber attack and respond to this by training.



We learn your people how to respond to cyber threats by using real-life cyber attacks, this practice is a must for behavioral change. By learning your employees and including them in your cyber defenses, you are creating a sense of shared accountability, building trust in cyber!


Building digital trust

We add value by building digital trust, the level of confidence in people, processes, and technology to build a secure digital business.


In our fast moving and highly connected digital world, trust has become essential. It must underpin how you organize and run your business so that you can be successful. With daily successful cyber attacks in the news, compromising data privacy and security, it’s not difficult to see why.


Trust means your customers will buy your products on-line. It means they’re confident you’ll keep their data safe and secure. Trust means your customers know your systems won’t fail them.


We give you confidence by helping you manage cyber risks, while staying connected and secure in digital business:

  1. Operate in the know: we help you build a strong security foundation and culture, so you can operate knowing your cyber risks and opportunities in cyber.
  2. Be prepared: every organization will be breached at some point. Understanding this will help you prepare for the worst. We help you prepare, prevent and protect what matters most to you.
  3. Take control: we help you take control and keep you up to date on regulatory and legislative changes. Our experts will also help you with your data privacy and protection concerns.
  4. Feel confident: your people are important, and their actions have a direct impact on your business and its cyber security. We’ll advise you on how to create the right culture where your people instinctively do the right thing.

Maximize the benefits of your digital business

Scyber helps building digital trust and maximize digital business, implementing cyber security to match your risk profile. We enhance behavior with training and increase the workforce of people involved to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks, while supporting business innovation and managing risk.


Why scyber?


Cyber risk management

We strongly believe that the following eight cyber risk management practices are building digital trust and maximize the benefits of your digital business.

  1. Invest in cyber security talent and skills
  2. Use cyber security learning with real cyber attacks
  3. Focus on sustainable cyber security culture
  4. Invest in leadership commitment and support
  5. Prevent data breaches proactively
  6. Implement vendor cyber security compliance
  7. Use cyber security technology effectively
  8. Integrate cyber security by design

We add value by building digital trust, the level of confidence in people, processes, and technology to build a secure digital business.

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A risk based approach is used, so you will not waste time, effort or expense addressing cyber threats that either are unlikely to occur or will have little material impact.

We focus on cyber security based on the actual cyber risks your organization faces!

“Simulations of real cyber attacks to learn and use the right skills”.

Our approach

Our cyber risk management approach is based on identifying, analyzing, evaluating and addressing the cyber risks facing your organization.

The first part of our approach is a cyber risk assessment. This will give you a clear overview of the cyber security threats that might compromise your organization’s cyber security.

Then we prioritize these risks by likelihood and impact to implement cyber security measures and controls based on your organization’s risk appetite.


Multiple expertise, one promise

Building trust in cyber, we do this from multiple areas of expertise:

About us

Building trust together

Our mission requires a joined approach that is continuously optimized by our people. Culture is our strength and priceless.

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