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Scyber training arena

A risk free environment to learn people how to protect systems, infrastructures and data against cyber attacks.

In a cyber training arena, based on your specific cyber threats, real cyber attacks are simulated in a risk free environment. We simulate the interaction of people, processes and technology against cyber attacks.

“We learn people how to identify and respond to real cyber attacks on systems, infrastructures and data.”

Danny Onwezen, CEO of Scyber

This allows organizations to build a strong security culture and improve their policies and processes by adapting their specific cyber ​​threats to their specific environment and need, building trust in cyber!

Building trust in cyber

People are crucial assets of your organization; policy and processes have been established to enable people to implement guidelines and work instructions, these are essential for protecting assets and ensuring business continuity.

In addition, technology such as firewalls, SOC and SIEM solutions are used to control the environment of the organization in the case of ​​cyber attacks.

We develop learning and training programs tailored to your specific cyber ​​threats in accordance with the policies, processes, technology and tools used.

Unique learning experience

Using a cyber training arena with the latest technology, a unique learning experience for employees, management and executives is offered, but also in-depth training for cyber security experts.

“We emphasizing the importance of strengthening the human factor that offers protection against cyber attacks, we do this with individually tailored learning by doing!”

Identify and analyze your cyber threats, provide insight into the potential impact of a successful cyber attack, by sharing knowledge of vulnerabilities and cyber attack surface.

With this, we offer the insight and knowledge needed for decision makers to set up resources where they are most needed!

Learn to protect your critical assets

Three participating teams are involved to learn your people how to protect critical assets in your organization:

  1. Blue team: both technical and non-technical employees. Their goal is to protect critical assets of their organization and minimize damage.
  2. Red team: offensive and defensive experts. Their goal is to carry out real cyber attacks on the blue teams environment and to challenge them.
  3. White team: experienced mentors. Their goal is to guide and coordinate learning sessions between blue and red teams, and to learn people how identify and respond to cyber attacks.

The red team challenges the blue team through multiple technological and non-technological cyber attacks. The blue team is confronted with real cyber attacks that they must identify, defend and protect.

The white team supervises and coordinates the sessions and debriefing, assesses the performance of the blue team and makes recommendations.

The learning sessions are fully aligned with the knowledge and experience level of your people in the blue team.

Threat based approach

We learn your people defend against real cyber attacks on a wide range of technological environments and evaluate your digital protection.

Together with your organization we develop threat based learning sessions and create processes and procedures to protect your organization. We focus on the strongest link: your people, building trust in cyber!

We build trust that your employees can protect your environment and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and methods needed to identify, defend and protect your organization against real cyber attacks.

Risk free environment

In difference to computer simulations, we simulate real cyber attack scenarios in a risk free environment. With this, a safe cyber learning environment is offered in which organizations can practice with real cyber attacks.

We enable organizations to proactively recognize cyber attacks and respond to them in a risk free environment. By using a red team (experienced offensive and defensive experts) you will gain insights into a hackers mindset and context.

With this we learn employees, management and executives how to identify and respond to cyber attacks, but also provide in depth training for cyber security professionals.

Benefits of the learning sessions

Three important benefits the cyber learning sessions have to offer:

  1. Real simulations of cyber attacks in a risk free environment. The learning sessions are aimed at employees, management and executives, but we provide also in-depth training for cyber security experts.
  2. During the learning sessions we provide continuous feedback to the people as well as points for improvement, aligned with the knowledge and experience level of the people.
  3. Review and adaptation of policies and processes based on the experience gained with the cyber ​​learning sessions. We also verify products and services with your specific cyber threats to protected your assets.


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