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Building trust in cyber

We add value by building digital trust, the level of confidence in people, processes, and technology to build a secure digital business.

This must underpin how to organize and run your business so that you can be successful. With daily cyber attacks in the news, compromising data privacy and security, it’s not difficult to see why.


“Customers wants to do business with those organizations who handle their data well.”

Danny Onwezen, CEO of Scyber

They are increasingly concerned about what organizations are doing with their data, how they protect data, where they use data and why they share data.

Trust from your customers is created through your brand, your reputation, the quality of the product or service, how you handle customer data, etc. Add value to your customers by building digital trust, make them feel safe and secure in cyber.

“We look at cyber security as an integral part of your culture, not a role or department, but your organizations DNA.”

Supporting all organizations in ecosystems

Of course, trust of your customers is very important. But there are many more stakeholders, like shareholders or other organizations in the entire chain of supply, including small and medium enterprises, depending on each others trust.

“We help all organizations in ecosystems to be secure in cyber and building trust, including small and medium enterprises.”

Flexible staff combined with training in-house expertise

In today’s digital world, to be secure in cyber, it takes people with the right skills. According to studies, in 2022 there will be a shortage in Europe of 350,000 cyber security people and 1.8 million worldwide.

Organizations are more and more looking for solutions to specific cyber security challenges. These can be supplied with a combination of permanent and flexible staff. The question that an organization should ask is therefore: what expertise do I need to have in-house, and what expertise do I use flexibly?

“We deliver the flexible staff to organizations and train in-house expertise in our cyber training arena.”

Understanding the need for different competences

The biggest problem is that organizations are looking for cyber security people, but they actually need completely different competencies. They are looking for people with lots of experience and certifications in cyber security, and who are also specialists in all security domains.

“We understand your organizations need for the different competences to help implement and maintain cyber security.”

Teams with skilled people working together

Organizations must master the use of cyber technology, must know relevant privacy rules, must know critical cyber threats facing their organization and must be able to explain it to a large audience, including the board of directors. If you look for all these qualities in one person, you will not find them.

“We create teams with skilled people with different competences, who all think in terms of the interests and trust of the customer.”

This is where Scyber helps. We deliver practical advice and highly trained cyber security people to help build a digital business that is secure by design.

Our goal is to enhance cyber security behavior and increase the workforce of people involved to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats. We do this by training your employees and the entire value chain. So the whole ecosystem is build on digital trust and can be secure in cyber.


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